Jansport Backpack Print
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Photo summer 2006, backpacks for sale summer 2012

A good friend of mine who works at Jansport used a photo I took of a some fire escapes in the financial district of San Francisco in 2006 and turned it into a textile pattern for a line of Jansport backpacks. I took the photograph below and mirrored it as one of my own art projects. He turned it into a commerically successful print for a popular line of backpacks. I even bought a bag with the print on it myself and use it daily!

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Mozilla User Research: Improving Communication Touchpoints and Firefox OS Field Testing in Bogotá, Colombia
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Summer 2013

In the summer of 2013, I joined the UX Research Team at Mozilla (of Firefox fame), in Mountain View. I worked closely with the user research team for three months, during which I developed my own intern project and also aided with several other ongoing projects, including user testing of new Firefox web browser interfaces and also a weeklong trip to Bogotá, Colombia, to run a series of 12 focus-group style user testing sessions.

If you'd like to see my presentation of my intern project to Mozilla, please go here to see the video.

I also wrote a blog entry, "Communication touchpoints: how can Mozilla improve?" for the Mozilla UX blog about my work, located at

And if you'd like to read some of my casual observations on being a first-timer in Bogotá, another of my blog entries, "Bogotá Travel Notes From Our Summer Intern" is also up on the Mozilla UX blog at

Hot N Heavy Records Bay Area Bass Vol.3 Album Cover
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Photo winter 2011, album art spring 2012

Hot N Heavy Recordings, a Bay-Area based record label, asked me to design an album cover for their Volume 3 release using one of my night photographs of the San Francisco skyline. I produced the following cover from my photograph for the digital album that was made available for purchase online on Beatport, Boomkat and Juno Download. The album topped the bass music charts the sites for several weeks. The album release announcement and music stream is available here.

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Life in Technicolor Personal Porfolio Website
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Spring 2013

The previous version of this portfolio site, which like this one I also coded by hand, featured several of my mobile photography art pieces as interactive navigation menus. I've included a few screenshots below of the home page and design and writing portfolio menus. I've subsequently taken an additional semester of advanced web design, and while I enjoyed the color and liveliness of this early design, navigation of the site was more difficult than it should have been.

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Spring 2013

As the final exercise in a series of typographic hierarchy exercises, we were asked to create a poster presenting a sample lecture series on campus at CMU. Limited to only four weights of the typeface Univers and simple graphic elements, we were challenged to use color to emphazize or complement our typography, with clarity and readability as the goal.