Prototyping and interactive data visualization
// rapid prototyping, videosketch

Deliverables: Rapid concept development and prototype, interactive data visualization coded in Processing, videosketch
Timeframe: Four weeks, Fall 2012

Photomotif: A web application to analyze mobile photography metadata

I designed Photomotif as a prototype web application that analyzes its users’ Instagram metadata and photographic styles. Through various metrics and interactive tools, Photomotif helps mobile photographers to better understand their own creative impulses, improve their photography, increase their influence and social impact, or discover similar users or other people in their geographic area.

The data visualization graph coded in Processing programming language below displays the metadata from fifty photographs posted by an Instagram user as it might be presented on the Photomotif home page. Data includes the number of 'likes', comments, and tags on each photo, the date of the photo, the subject of the photo, and what, if any Instagram photo filter was used to process the photograph.


PHOTOMOTIF: Interactive Data Visualization
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